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African Dish Yam Donuts

Traditional African Foods Yam Donuts

African Cuisine: Yam Donuts

Yam Donuts Ingredients

1 medium sized yam.
2 cornflakes or breadcrumbs.
3 flour.
4 eggs.
5 scotch bonnet.
6 medium sized onion.
7 sugar.
8 salt.
9 seasoning cubes.
10 curry powder.
11 chilli powder.
12 Water for boiling yam.
13 Oil for frying.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a pot, combine yam with salt and sugar, add water, boil till very soft, this would take 12-15 minutes, depending of the level of temperature and pressure used..
Step 2 Grind onion and scotch bonnet in a mortar till quiet smooth…………………………………Note: Do not skip this step, it's the tip behind getting a sticky and soft ground yam easily; which will provide simplicity when making the donut shape..
Step 3 Add boiled yam to the ground onion and scotch bonnet.
Step 4 Start beating it, add 3 seasoning cubes and curry powder by the way.
Step 5 Continue beating for 5 minutes. Yam should be very soft and sticky by this time..
Step 6 Take some ground yam.
Step 7 Using two hands, mould it into fine ball.
Step 8 Toss the yam using two hands, adjusting the edges..
Step 9 Form a pattie like this.
Step 10 Take a clean bottle cover or small cutter.
Step 11 Drop the cover on the top center of the pattie. Push it inside.
Step 12 Remove the center as shown.
Step 13 Combine flour with chilli powder, the remaining curry powder and 1 seasoning cube.
Step 14 Dip yam in the spiced flour.
Step 15 Whisk egg. Dip coated yam in the egg.
Step 16 Crush cornflakes. Coat the yam with cornflakes or breadcrumbs.
Step 17 Follow the same procedure till the yam is used up. Yam is now ready for frying..
Step 18 Fry both sides on medium heat. Transfer to a colander to remove excess oil..
Step 19 S.
Step 20 Serve with ketchup or any desired dipping sauce.
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