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Delicious Food Potato masa Nigerian Cuisine

Tasty Food Potato masa undoubtedly is one of my favorite nigerian dish. I always use this special recipe to serve Potato masa. Potatoes: Boil the potatoes until fork tender or until just done and not mushy. If the potatoes are cooked mushy, they will make your masala dosa soft when you stuff this. Peel your potatoes wash it and boil till cook.

Potato masa

So Yummy Potato masa Nigerian Dish

Aloo Masala, or Potato Masala, is an Indian dish made with yellow potatoes, sautéed onions, and a tasty blend of spices and fresh chilies. Make it as a stuffing for masala. Poori masala recipe easy yet the perfect choice for poori, made for each other. You can simply cook Potato masa in 5 ingredients and just 2 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 About 4 of Irish potato.
2 Take 3 of Kwai.
3 You need 2 of magg.
4 Take of Attaruhu albasa.
5 Approximately of Curr.

I never thought I should post this potato masala (poori kizhangu) for poori in my blog. Potato Masala Recipe, Alu Sabji, How To Make Potato Masala Recipe. Mashed potato (British English) or mashed potatoes (American English and Canadian English), colloquially known as mash (British English), is a dish prepared by mashing boiled potatoes. These Masala Potatoes are fiery red, zesty and appetizing.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Da farko zaki fere dankali saiki yankashi kanana kanana,ki wanke ki dora acikin tukunya saiki zuba gishiri ki rufe,bayan y dawu saiki fasa kwai,ki dauko jajjagen attaruhu,albasa,curry,maggi,thyme ki zuba ki juya,saiki dauko dankali ki zuba.
Step 2 Saiki dauko tandanki ki dora kan wuta,saiki zuba mai,ki bari tayi zafi,bayan tayi zafi saiki zuba hadin wainarki ki bari ta soyu,saiki juya,ki kwashe.

They are the perfect side for a plate of dal and rice, and they. Potato Filling for Masala Dosa is an Indian side dish curry recipe made with potatoes/aloo,onions ,spices and fresh chilies for dosa. Poori with potato masala is Aishu's fav. I used to make this twice in a week for her. Sometimes i will pack to her school also.