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So Yummy Starch and banga soup Nigerian Dish

Yummy Food Starch and banga soup definitely is one of my favorite nigerian dish. I always use this special recipe to serve Starch and banga soup. This Banga soup is one of many delta state soups in Nigeria. While it is indigenous to the Deltas, it is also loved and enjoyed by both People from Edo state and all Banga stew is native to the Igbos and usually served with boiled white rice. While banga soup (as in this case) goes with starch, eba or fufu.

Starch and banga soup

Delicious Food Starch and banga soup Nigerian Cuisine

Finally the Banga soup recipe has arrived and I'm soooo nice, there's a bonus section on how to make starch and another section on how to chop am! C'mon, starch is food for royalty! Some of you are asking "shey na the starch wey dem dey use for cloth you dey chop" ? You can simply cook Starch and banga soup by following 6 ingredients and just 7 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 Approximately of Raw starch.
2 Take of Palm kernel 1kg (banga).
3 About of Banga soup spices.
4 Prepare of Beaf.
5 Prepare of River fish preferably.
6 Take of Salt maggi crayfish.

You can serve with boiled white rice or starch (as in Delta style). Cooking tips for anyone who uses canned palm fruits Your Banga soup is ready. If you have used the recipe with the bitter leaves, this can be served serve with fufu or starch. If you decided to use the scent.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Boil palm kernel till soft pound lightly in the mortar..
Step 2 Pour water and drain the oil.
Step 3 In a seperate pot season and steam meat alittle.
Step 4 Pour the drained palm kernel stock in a pot and put on heat allow to boil for about 10mins add the spices salt and maggi.And allow to cook.
Step 5 Pour the steamed meat taste for salt allow to cook until almost thick then d soup is ready..
Step 6 Dissolve the raw starch in a pot mix with water like pap,add a spoon of salt and cooking spoon of palm oil.put on heat and begin to stir..
Step 7 Continue stirring till it becomes thick then the starch is ready..

Nigerian soups are the trademarks of the ethnic group they originate from. Most Nigerians soups incorporate many vegetables and protein, and Today Nigerians across communities enjoy all types of soups available. Starch and banga soup are also enjoyed by the Igbos, they call starch 'usi' and. Banga soup is a delicious dish made from palm fruits. It is often paired with either starch, pounded yam, eba (made with garri) or fufu (made from cassava).