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Traditional African Foods Chakalaka South African food

African Cuisine Chakalaka South African food

African Food: Chakalaka South African food

Chakalaka South African food Ingredients

1 Cooked beans.
2 Cabbage.
3 Carrot.
4 Green pepper.
5 Tomatoes.
6 Curry, thyme, salt, pepper, ground crayfish, maggi, sauce.
7 Onions.
8 Palm oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pick your beans, wash and cook.
Step 2 Cut your vegetable neatly and set aside.
Step 3 Place your clean pot on fire and add palm oil, heat up for some minute, add onions and stir for 2-3 min.
Step 4 Add curry, crayfish, thyme, sauce, pepper into your palm oil stir and leave for some minute. U will perceive d aroma.
Step 5 Add your cut vegetables and allow to stem for like 5min so as to make it tender.
Step 6 Add ur cooked beans and reduce the heat, mix all together and allow to cook for few minute.
Step 7 Serve hot and enjoy your delicious vegetables beans.
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