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African Food Beans and Yam porridge

Traditional African Foods Beans and Yam porridge

African Food: Beans and Yam porridge

Beans and Yam porridge Ingredients

1 Yam.
2 Beans.
3 Bell peppers.
4 Red chill pepper.
5 Fresh tomatoes.
6 Palm oil ND Vegetable oil.
7 Maggie.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and great the pepper and tomatoes.
Step 2 Peel,wash and cut the yam into small cubes,.
Step 3 Fry d greated pepper and Co,when fried, put small quantity of water put your spices to taste,.
Step 4 When boiled put the yam, allow it to cook till desired thickness then mash a little.
Step 5 Then serve 🔥 enjoy.
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