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Traditional African Foods Beans with yam porridge

West African Foods Beans with yam porridge

Traditional African Foods: Beans with yam porridge

Beans with yam porridge Ingredients

1 Beans.
2 Yam.
3 Pepper.
4 Salt.
5 Palm oil.
6 Seasoning.
7 Onions.
8 Water a.
9 Ugwu.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and parboiled the beans and cook for sometime.
Step 2 Peel and dice the yam and add to the cooked beans.
Step 3 Add onions.
Step 4 Blend 🌶 and onion and add to the already cooked porridge.
Step 5 Add salt, seasoning and palm oil.
Step 6 Mix all together.
Step 7 Wash and shred the Ugwu leaves and add.
Step 8 Serve hot.
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