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Traditional African Foods Yam and beans porridge

African Food Yam and beans porridge

Traditional African Foods: Yam and beans porridge

Yam and beans porridge Ingredients

1 Beans.
2 Yam.
3 Seasonings.
4 Spices.
5 Oil.
6 Tomatoes.
7 Pepper.
8 Spinach.
9 Onion.
10 Fish or beaf meat.
11 Spring onion.
12 Water.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 On the stove to medium heat, in a pot add some water and then place it on the stove, add the beans and let it cook, while cooking, peel the yam and cut into cubes, wash and set aside..
Step 2 When the beans is cooked, add the seasoning and spices, add some oil and live it to over cook..
Step 3 While it's cooking, wash tomatoes and pepper then blend, keep aside, cut the spinach into smaller pieces together with the onion and spring onion, wash all and set aside..
Step 4 When the beans has over cooked add the yam and tomatoe paste, then let it cook for at least 20 minutes, when it done, add the spinach and onion let it cook for 10 minutes, add the stock fish or beaf meat and let it cook for 10 minutes, then off the stove and let it cool then transfer it to warmers, then serve for dinner..
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