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Easy Delicious Ram head pepper soup #kitchenhuntchallenge Nigerian Dish

So Tasty Ram head pepper soup #kitchenhuntchallenge certainly is our favorite nigerian food. Its not hard to make Ram head pepper soup #kitchenhuntchallenge. Cleaned and cut ram-head (can be gotten from the slaughterhouse), spring onions, red bell pepper, tomato puree, curry and thyme, salt and seasonings, oil, water. Put the Ram-Head inside a pot, add all the ingredients (minus the oil and tomato puree) into the pot. African pepper soup is a hearty soup made with Goat meat cutlets or chunks, pepper soup spice and other beautiful condiments.

Ram head pepper soup #kitchenhuntchallenge

So Yummy Ram head pepper soup #kitchenhuntchallenge Nigerian Food

The amount of herbs and spices that go into it make me feel like I'm taking a delicious It is a very simple soup to make. You just need to boil your protein and blend/grind whatever spices you are using and add in, then add. This stuffed pepper soup is a hearty meal loaded with ground beef, onions, rice and bell peppers in a tomato based broth. You can simply prepare Ram head pepper soup #kitchenhuntchallenge by following 7 ingredients and just 3 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 It’s 1 of whole smoked ram head.
2 Take 6 cubes of maggi.
3 About 5 of chopped-sweet red pepper.
4 Approximately to taste of Salt.
5 It’s 1 tbs of Mixed Spices.
6 Take 2 of med sliced onions chopped.
7 You need 4 of chopped got pepper.
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It tastes just like classic stuffed peppers, but without all the work! Goat meat pepper soup, also referred to as nwo-nwo, ngwo-ngwo, and goat pepper soup, is a soup in Nigeria. Goat meat is used as a primary ingredient, and some versions may use crayfish. For variations boiled yams, potatoes, or plantains may be added.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cut your ram head add to pot and mix in the chopped ingredients.
Step 2 Stir them till welll combined and allow to simmer.Add water and cover till soft.
Step 3 When you want it soft it’s best you use pressure pot in minutes it will be done. No need adding any potash.

Versions of the soup may be spicy and hot. This vegetarian stuffed pepper soup is a twist on the classic, boasting a hearty helping of fiber and protein from creamy red lentils. You can make this soup on the chunkier side like I do (it's almost like a stove-top veggie + rice casserole or a big ole pot of stew) or thin it out with extra tomato sauce and. African pepper soup is a delightfully ,intensely flavored soup that is served throughout West Africa There is not just one kind of pepper soup in Africa. In fact, there are almost as many variations as there are I don't know about you but I include EVERY part of chicken in my soup – Feet and head too!