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So Delicious Cat Fish Banga Soup Nigerian Dish

Tasty Food Cat Fish Banga Soup must be one of my favorite nigerian dish. I will guide you to make Cat Fish Banga Soup.

Cat Fish Banga Soup

So Delicious Cat Fish Banga Soup Nigerian Food

You can simply prepare Cat Fish Banga Soup in 8 ingredients and just 7 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 You need 1 cup of Raw banga.
2 You need 1 of Fresh cat fish.
3 About 1 tsp of Dry pepper.
4 Prepare 4 of fresh pepper.
5 You need 1 tbsp of Banga spices.
6 About 2 tbsp of Crayfish blended.
7 About 2 cubes of Knorr.
8 You need to taste of Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Boil your banga and extract the juice, boil and set aside.
Step 2 Wash fresh fish with hot water to remove it's slimy substance, then season fresh fish, I usually do that like two hours before cooking it and place it the freezer to enable it absorb the spices.
Step 3 Pour banga juice into cooking pot and allow to boil further then add spices, fresh pepper and dry pepper.
Step 4 At this stage it must have thickened a bit, reduce your heat, so that the soup won't dry up; add blended crayfish then stir.
Step 5 Add your fresh fish, stir then taste and adjust your seasoning..
Step 6 If it has thickened to your desired consistency put off your heat..
Step 7 Enjoy banga soup with hot eba or poundo.
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