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West African Foods African salad

African Cuisine African salad

West African Foods: African salad

African salad Ingredients

1 2 kilo cassava flakes.
2 1 cup sliced oilbean (Ugba).
3 1/2 cup red oil.
4 1/2 milk cup crayfish.
5 Potash.
6 1 seasoning cube(knorr).
7 1 small bunch uziza leaf.
8 1 large Onions.
9 Salt.
10 1 kilo Fresh cowleg meat.
11 2 spoons dry red pepper.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and soak cassava flakes with warm water till soft. Drain water and leave in the sieve..
Step 2 Grind crayfish and dry pepper and set aside. Wash and cut uziza leaf and set aside too..
Step 3 Wash and place cowleg in a pot,add seasoning cube,salt, onion, add water and cook till soft. Bring down. Mix cowleg meat with fried pepper sauce and set aside..
Step 4 Grind a little potash to powder, add a little water in a Mortar, add the red oil and mix well using pestle. Add seasoning cube and stir well..
Step 5 Add the cassava flakes, add crayfish, dry pepper and sliced onions, sliced uziza mix well. Add salt to taste and mix thoroughly to get the desired taste..
Step 6 Serve with peppered cowleg meat..
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