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So Yummy Chicken Banga Soup Nigerian Food

So Yummy Chicken Banga Soup surely is one of my favorite nigerian dish. I will guide you to make Chicken Banga Soup.

Chicken Banga Soup

So Delicious Chicken Banga Soup Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply prepare Chicken Banga Soup by following 8 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 About 10 cups of extracted palm nut juice.
2 Take 1 tbsp of banga spice.
3 You need 1 kg of soft chicken.
4 Prepare 4 of knorr cube.
5 Approximately to taste of salt.
6 It’s 6 of fresh pepper blended.
7 You need 1 of bulb onions.
8 About 2 tbsp of blended crayfish.
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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pour palm nut juice in a pot parboil allow it cook till the excess water is dried up and soup is getting thick.
Step 2 Add in chicken spice with salt, onions, pepper and knorr cube and cover the pot and allow it cook till chicken is tender.
Step 3 Add banga spice and stir and allow it simmer on low heat for 7mins the turn off heat..
Step 4 Serve with eba or white rice.