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Traditional African Foods Kanya 's Mussels in Hot Basils

West African Foods Kanya 's Mussels in Hot Basils

West African Foods: Kanya 's Mussels in Hot Basils

Kanya 's Mussels in Hot Basils Ingredients

1 mussels /cleaned /shelled.
2 chili compounds.
3 garlic.
4 ginger.
5 peppercorns.
6 fresh hot chili sliced.
7 birdeyes chili,or any chili you have,reduce to half or third of amouth,mine is very spicy.
8 seasoning.
9 oyster sauce.
10 soya sauce.
11 sesame oil.
12 sugar.
13 salt.
14 fish sauce.
15 black pepper.
16 yard long beans,or any beans you have /chopped.
17 hot basils.
18 roasted chili paste.
19 mixes diced pepper and onion.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Clean mussels,prepare vegetables,mix seasoning,crush garlic and birdeyes chilli (basically add only 20 birdeyes chilli is fine for one kilograms mussels ,but i make mine spicy ),slice fresh chilli,chop ginger.
Step 2 On the wok,heat vegetables oil on medium heat,fry crush garlic with chili,ginger until fragrance,add mussels,beans sliced,onion,peppers,peppercorn,stir to mix.
Step 3 Heat up to high volume ,add seasoning,after 3 to 4 mins mussels is cook,there will be a lot of water in the wok,now you add roasted chili paste,stir to mix,after 2 mins ,water will reduce ,add hot basil ,stir again,heat off…
Step 4 Serve hot with steamed rice :).
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