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African Dish Arikadukka – Stuffed Mussels… A Malabar Special Snack..

West African Foods Arikadukka - Stuffed Mussels... A Malabar Special Snack..

Traditional African Foods: Arikadukka – Stuffed Mussels… A Malabar Special Snack..

Arikadukka – Stuffed Mussels… A Malabar Special Snack.. Ingredients

1 Mussels Fresh with shells.
2 Parboiled rice.
3 rice Cooked.
4 coconut Grated.
5 Shallots roughly.
6 Ginger.
7 Chilly Green.
8 Curry Leaves.
9 Fennel seeds.
10 Cumin.
11 Water as needed while grinding.
12 Turmeric powder.
13 Red Chilli powder.
14 Kashmiri Chilli powder.
15 Fennel powder.
16 Curry Leaves finely chopped.
17 Salt ( – If needed or adjust as we have al.
18 Water.
19 Oil – for deep frying.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash and soak the rice for about 6 – 8 hours. Drain the rice and coarsely grind it by adding little water and salt, until you get thick dough. Transfer it to a bowl..
Step 2 Roughly chop ginger, shallots and green chili and coarsely grind these with grated coconut, fennel seeds, cumin, and curry leaves..
Step 3 Clean the mussel shells by scrubbing all the dirt under running tap water..
Step 4 Using a knife, slowly slide in the knife through the slit and open them slowly by not breaking the shells apart. Once it’s open, pull out the hairy substance from the flesh. Wash them clean under tap water, rubbing it gently..
Step 5 Add this to the grind rice mixture and mix well. Now take a small ball out of the dough and stuff it into the shells. Take off any excess dough and shape them neatly. Fill all the shells in the same way..
Step 6 Steams cook them for about 25 – 30 minutes, in 2 -3 batches and let It cool. (When hot the dough will be sticky)..
Step 7 Prepare a thin marinade with items listed out in ‘For Marinating’. Once cooled, remove the dough from the shell and dip in the marination and deep fry in oil on a medium flame..
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