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Delicious Food Fried rice with plantain Nigerian Food

Delicious Food Fried rice with plantain certainly is our favorite nigerian cuisine. Its easy to make Fried rice with plantain. Using plantains instead of regular rice gives this fried rice natural sweet flavor. Before the concert festivities began, I made a fun and flavorful plantain fried rice. The dish is made of rice stir fried with plantain.

Fried rice with plantain

So Yummy Fried rice with plantain Nigerian Dish

For the rice, heat the oil in a large pan and cook the onions over a gentle heat until translucent. Stir in the canned tomatoes, red pepper and tomato purée, then season with salt, freshly ground black pepper and the cayenne or chilli. The keys to successful fried plantains are choosing ripe fruit and using the right pan, oil, and heat. You can simply prepare Fried rice with plantain in 12 ingredients and just 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 You need 2 piece of onion.
2 You need of Green beans.
3 Take of Pices.
4 Approximately of Paper.
5 Approximately of Spices.
6 Take of Curry.
7 Approximately of Carrot.
8 Prepare of Liver.
9 Take of Corn.
10 It’s 3 cups of rice.
11 It’s of Food color.
12 About of Chicken.

A ripe plantain's skin should be almost black or, in Serve fried ripe plantains as a side dish or snack. They're excellent alongside island favorites like red beans and rice and Jamaican jerk chicken and. So garlic tostones are basically fried plantains that have been pre-soaked in a garlic water to give them extra flavor. For your rice and beans if you want.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Boiled water wash your rice pour into the pot add salt and Maggi curry and food color.
Step 2 Add your vegetable in another pot for about 20mint.
Step 3 Wash your liver put spices and fry it add it inside your rice.
Step 4 Add your pepper and fry for 3mint.
Step 5 Feel your plantain and fry it.
Step 6 Garnish your fried rice with chicken.

Many other states produce bananas, like Chiapas, Veracruz, and Guerrero, but Tabasco was where I saw how people used it in their everyday meals. Many home cooks will serve their main meal at noon along with a side of rice and fried plantains. While the rice cooks roast sliced plantain and andouille with fennel seeds and smashed garlic. thank you, comfort food works very well for me right now! this will definitely work, very unique set of ingredients for me, nit even considering the pineapple fried rice! Heat the remaining oil in a pan and cook the plantain slices until crispy, turning several times. Top rice with plantain before serving.