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West African Foods Thai Curry Mussels

African Food Thai Curry Mussels

African Dish: Thai Curry Mussels

Thai Curry Mussels Ingredients

1 fresh mussels.
2 coconut milk.
3 thai curry paste (red, yellow or green).
4 fresh lime.
5 cilantro.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 scrub, rinse and remove hairs from mussels. to remove hairs, pinch with fingers and move your hand around the shell..
Step 2 in a stock pot. add coconut milk. simmer..
Step 3 whisk in the curry paste and juice from one lime.
Step 4 add single layer of mussels to pot, cover and steam until all the shells open.
Step 5 remove open shells and add another layer of mussels. repeat until all mussels are finished..
Step 6 garnish with cilantro and lime wedge. enjoy..
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