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Yummy Food Catfish banga soup Nigerian Food

So Yummy Catfish banga soup surely is one of my favorite nigerian food. Its easy to make Catfish banga soup. Please note that I don't measure any of my ingredients and I don't time the cooking process. I use my ingredients according to how I want my. Banga soup is native to the Deltans but also loved and enjoyed by edo people and other niger delta This Banga soup is one of many delta state soups in Nigeria.

Catfish banga soup

So Yummy Catfish banga soup Nigerian Food

Banga soup is a common soup mostly found in the Eastern. Freshly pressed palm fruit purée, salt, seasoning,dried chill pepper, crayfish, Banga spices, Catfish and AFRICAN Giant snails. Banga Soup or Ofe Akwu is the Nigerian Soup / Stew prepared with palm fruits. You can simply cook Catfish banga soup in 9 ingredients and only 3 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 Approximately 2 kg of fresh catfish.
2 About 1/2 cup of melon seeds.
3 Approximately 1 of seed bitterkola.
4 You need of Bitterleaf.
5 Approximately 5 cups of palm fruits.
6 About of Crayfish.
7 You need of Seasoning.
8 Prepare of Pepper.
9 You need of Onions.

It can be used to eat fufu meals or used as stew for the white rice and boiled yam recipes. Nigerian banga soup is a quick and delicious Niger-Delta style palm nut soup. I left the catfish till the tail end of my cooking because it doesn't take time to cook at all. Banga Soup is a Nigerian soup that is native to the Southernarts of Nigeria.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Boil the palm fruits till done and extract the juice (banga), roast the melon and bitterkola(as flavor) a little bit and blend separately, blend your crayfish and set aside. Wash the fish with hot water and salt to remove the slime and steam with little pepper, onions and seasoning..
Step 2 Boil ur banga for about 15mins, add the blended melon let it boil for like 3mins and add the bitterkola, crayfish and add ur already steamed fish..
Step 3 Taste and adjust the seasoning and pepper, add the bitterleaf and allow it to simmer. Serve with any choice of swallow, rice or pasta..

It is very similar to the Banga soup is known by several namesit is called izuwo amedi in Urhobo language and izuwo edi in. Banga soup is mostly cooked with fish but you can also add meats to it if you choose to. I'll be using fresh Catfish and smoked turkey. I really wanted to use just fish but I love the flavour of smoked. Banga soup can be made with either catfish or meat, but If I had to choose between banga soup with meat or banga soup with fish, I'd go for fish because it's easier to enjoy your meal while.