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African Dish Yam and plantain porridge

Traditional African Foods Yam and plantain porridge

African Cuisine: Yam and plantain porridge

Yam and plantain porridge Ingredients

1 2 thin slices yam.
2 2 fingers plantain.
3 1 handfull garden egg leaf.
4 1 bulb onions.
5 1/4 cup crayfish.
6 1/4 cup red oil.
7 1 naija pot maggi.
8 1 cube knorr.
9 1 tbs pepper.
10 to taste Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Peel and wash your yam, wash and peel your plantain and cut in cubes..
Step 2 Put in a pot and pour water in the pot..
Step 3 Put all your ingredients except the onions and vegetable..
Step 4 Once the yam is soft and it all looks porridgy, put in your vegetable and onions,.
Step 5 Turn off the heat, stir very well and cover the pot let the heat cook the veggies.
Step 6 Your meal is ready, enjoy.
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