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So Tasty Ewa agoyin Nigerian Food

Delicious Food Ewa agoyin must be one of my favorite nigerian food. Today we will prepare Ewa agoyin. Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Aganyin) is a very popular street food, especially on Lagos streets. It is made by boiling Beans until it's really tender then mashing it. This delicious meal is usually accompanied by a.

Ewa agoyin

Delicious Food Ewa agoyin Nigerian Dish

I grew up in Lagos state so I had a lot of this for breakfast. Growing up, the combination of Ewa Agoyin and the Ewa Agoyin sauce served with it had to be the best thing that ever happened to my beans diet. Последние твиты от Ewa agoyin (@AdetolaOgunleti). Media marketer, Writer, written English/yoruba translator, upcoming actor. You can simply cook Ewa agoyin in 9 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Take 2 cups of black eye beans.
2 About 1/2 cup of dry pepper.
3 You need 3 of dryed tatasi.
4 Take 2 tbs of crayfish.
5 Take 1/2 tbs of garlic and ginger paste.
6 Approximately 3 of ripe plantain.
7 About 1 of onion.
8 About 2 of stock cubes.
9 You need of Salt.
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Ewa Agoyin is a Nigerian street food made with cooked and mashed beans, often served with a spicy sauce. Interestingly, the origins of this dish are not in Nigeria. The word 'ewa' means beans in Yoruba. See great recipes for Ewa agoyin and agege bread and pepsi too!

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Raise and cook beans in a pressure pot for 30minutes.Add salt to taste then mash.
Step 2 Soak the fried tatasi and pepper blend with onion and crayfish..
Step 3 Bleach oil and fry the blended pepper,add the ginger and garlic paste and stir..
Step 4 Add salt and stock cubes and boil for it extra 30minutes.serve with agege bread..

Description: This classic dish is a no-frills, no-fuss delight that will bring back childhood memories for many. Best ewa agoyin sauce (naija street food). Ewa Agoyin Stew/Sauce Recipe How to Prepare Ewa Agoyin Stew/ Pepper Sauce. Ewa Agoyin is an indigenous yoruba meal, a combination of beans and pepper sauce. An authentic Ewa Agoyin sauce requires using a lot of palm oil, and bleaching it before using it to fry the pepers.