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So Yummy Hibiscus Drink (Zobo) Nigerian Cuisine

Yummy Food Hibiscus Drink (Zobo) must be our favorite nigerian cuisine. Its easy to make Hibiscus Drink (Zobo). Zobo is a Nigerian drink which is more popular in the northern parts of the country with the Hausa. Hibiscus Tea (Zobo Drink) is a very popular beverage throughout the world and is often used as a Hibiscus tea also known as Zobo drink in Nigeria is ruby red in colour and has a sour taste. Zobo drink also known as Sorrel drink or hibiscus drink is easy to make and it's refreshing.

Hibiscus Drink (Zobo)

So Tasty Hibiscus Drink (Zobo) Nigerian Food

Zobo is made from the the dried calyces (sepal) of the hibiscus plant flower. Zobo leaves are also called; sorrel, flor de Jamaica and rosemallow. Although the drink is known by different names all. You can simply cook Hibiscus Drink (Zobo) by following 7 ingredients and just 3 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Take 4 cups of dried hibiscus.
2 About 6 of cloves.
3 You need 2 pcs of ginger.
4 Prepare of Pineapple peel nd diced.
5 Prepare of pineapple & coconuts flavour powder drink.
6 You need of Berries flavoured powder drink.
7 Take of Water.

Zobo drink is the original name from Nigeria, West Africa. The basic essence of this drink is (dry) Roselle leaves or popularly known also as Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves coming from a species of. Hibiscus drinks may cause blood pressure to drop. What is Hibiscus used for in Africa?

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In an empty clean pot put your hibiscus leave and add clove,ginger,pineapple peal and water then boil for 15min and allowed it to cool then filter.
Step 2 After cooling blend your pineapple diced extract the water from it and add to the filtered hibiscus drink (zobo) and add your sugar and flavor then mix.
Step 3 Add your ice-cube and serve chilled.enjoy.

In Africa, zobo was used to treat constipation, cancer, liver disease, and. Zobo drink, a sweet hibiscus/sorrel drink (also known in West Africa as bissap juice or Sobolo) is an African hibiscus tea made from dry sorrel leaves and with a special twist of mine is a refreshing way. Pressure Cooker Zobo Drink (Hibiscus Tea) is made from dried hibiscus petals. It's a refreshing drink enjoyed throughout the world, especially in tropical climates where the hibiscus flower grows. Effect of zobo drink (Hibiscus sabdariffa water extract) on pharmacokinetics of acetaminophen in human volunteers.