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African Dish African Salad(Abacha)

Traditional African Foods African Salad(Abacha)

West African Foods: African Salad(Abacha)

African Salad(Abacha) Ingredients

1 I full small bowel Dry cassava flakes.
2 1/4 cup Red oil.
3 1 medium Onion.
4 1 Seasoning cube(knorr).
5 1/2 cup Crayfish.
6 4 Sticks Utazi leaf.
7 Fried Titus fish.
8 Salt.
9 Ngu(Ash).
10 2 garden egg.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and soak cassava flakes in warm water till it's soft. Remove in water and drain in sieve till there's no water..
Step 2 Mix ash in a little water and stir, when ash settles, Sieve out water,add red oil to the water and stir to form a paste..
Step 3 Mix Abacha in the oil paste and add seasoning cube, sliced onions, dry pepper and stir till it's uniform.
Step 4 Serve with sliced onions, Garden egg, Fried Fish and Uziza leaf..
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