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Tasty Food Habiscus drin(zobo) Nigerian Cuisine

Easy Delicious Habiscus drin(zobo) must be one of my favorite nigerian food. Its not hard to make Habiscus drin(zobo). Hibiscus Tea (Zobo Drink) is a very popular beverage throughout the world and is often used as a Hibiscus tea also known as Zobo drink in Nigeria is ruby red in colour and has a sour taste. Zobo is a Nigerian drink which is more popular in the northern parts of the country with the Hausa. A vibrant tasty summer drink enjoyed by young and Old!!!

Habiscus drin(zobo)

Easy Yummy Habiscus drin(zobo) Nigerian Food

Find this Pin and more on Sugarless Zobo Drink Sorrel Drink by Yummieliciouz Food Recipes. Refreshing Drinks Hibiscus Sweet Tooth Recipes Healing Soap Diy Do It Yourself Bricolage. You can simply cook Habiscus drin(zobo) in 5 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 It’s of Habiscus.
2 You need of Ginger.
3 Prepare of Cinnamon.
4 About of Cucumber.
5 Take of Sugar.
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Zobo is made from the the dried calyces (sepal) of the hibiscus plant flower. Zobo leaves are also called; sorrel, flor de Jamaica and rosemallow. Although the drink is known by different names all over. Zobo drink (hibiscus sabdariffa) is a perfect drink for everyone.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Put ur water on d fire add d zobo,sugar, cinnamon nd ginger.
Step 2 Blend ur cucumber.
Step 3 Sieve d zobo nd d cucumber.
Step 4 Den add den 2gether nd put it in a fridge.

Relax and enjoy yourself with a glass of this super drink prepared with fresh pineapple, ginger with a little bit of sugar for a fresher you. Zobo Hibiscus tea is especially popular in the North and West of Nigeria. These territories boast a big quantity Zobo drink production and preservation is an interesting 'science' available to all Nigerians. Pressure Cooker Zobo Drink (Hibiscus Tea) is made from dried hibiscus petals. It's a refreshing drink often served Pressure Cooker Zobo Drink – Hibiscus Tea.