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Traditional African Foods Abacha and Mkpuru Akidi

African Dish Abacha and Mkpuru Akidi

African Dish: Abacha and Mkpuru Akidi

Abacha and Mkpuru Akidi Ingredients

1 3 cups dry Abacha.
2 3 cups dry Akidi seed.
3 2 cksp Village palm oil.
4 2 tbsp blended fresh pepper.
5 2 medium size onions.
6 2 knorr cubes.
7 1 cksp ground crayfish.
8 1 tsp salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a clean pot, put 4 cups of water on fire, Pick stones from the Akidi, wash with warm water and boil till tender, drain in a sieve and set aside, Soak Abacha too in warm water for 3 minutes, drain in a sieve and set aside..
Step 2 Set a clean pot on fire, pour oil when it heat fry onions and Pepper, add a little water put crayfish, Maggi and salt, pour the Akidi and Abacha inside the pot and gently stir. Remove from the heat and serve with fried fish or meat.
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