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Traditional African Foods Pasta marinera (seafood pasta)

Traditional African Foods Pasta marinera (seafood pasta)

West African Foods: Pasta marinera (seafood pasta)

Pasta marinera (seafood pasta) Ingredients

1 gemilli pasta or your preferred pasta.
2 vegetable oil.
3 small onion sliced.
4 garlic cloves crushed.
5 tomatoes medium chopped.
6 plum tomatoes.
7 frozen cooked seafood (squid, prawns and mussels).
8 dried basil.
9 paprika.
10 cayenne pepper.
11 Zest of a small lemon.
12 Juice of the same lemon.
13 fresh coriander chopped.
14 Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Boil water enough to cook the pasta. Add salt before pouring the pasta in. I usually add 2 TSP of salt..
Step 2 In a big pan at medium heat, add the oil and slightly fry the garlic, add the onion and stir until it's soft, add the tomatoes and a pinch of salt, and the dried basil. Stir till well combined. Put the lid on and leave it for 3 minutes to cook..
Step 3 Now, cook the pasta until 2 minutes before it's ready, meanwhile, add the plum tomatoes to the sauce, stir till well mixed..
Step 4 To the sauce, add the seafood, the lemon zest, paprika, the cayenne pepper and another pinch of salt..
Step 5 Drain the pasta, leaving around a cup of water in. Pour it into the sauce and stir it..
Step 6 Add the lemon juice and the chopped coriander. Mix it all well. If you like, you can sprinkle some parmesan shavings on top when served. Try it and adjust the salt if necessary. Enjoy!.
Step 7 P.s. You can always use fresh seafood but make sure you don't overcook it. If you use frozen and have time, leave it to defrost and add to the sauce in the last minute before adding the pasta, so it's not overcooked..
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