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So Delicious Rich Ogbono veg soup Nigerian Dish

So Yummy Rich Ogbono veg soup surely is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. I will guide you to make Rich Ogbono veg soup.

Rich Ogbono veg soup

Delicious Food Rich Ogbono veg soup Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply cook Rich Ogbono veg soup in 17 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do it.


1 Prepare of Sardine fish.
2 It’s of Giwan ruwa fish.
3 Take of Pumo.
4 Prepare of Prone.
5 It’s of Snail.
6 You need of Locust bean.
7 It’s of Seasoning.
8 It’s of Ogbono.
9 About leaves of Ugu.
10 Approximately of Pepper.
11 It’s of Red oil.
12 Prepare of Hot leaves (uzeza).
13 You need of Stock fish.
14 It’s of Beef.
15 About of Shrimps.
16 You need of Grinded dried cat fish.
17 Approximately of Onion.
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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and clean ingredients, season beef with Maggi salt onion and steam until tender and solft, add water pumo and other protein correct seasoning and cook, add oil and Ogbono allow to cook for some time lastly add veg..