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African Dish Abacha and Letus salad #myhubby'sfavourite

African Dish Abacha and Letus salad #myhubby'sfavourite

African Food: Abacha and Letus salad #myhubby'sfavourite

Abacha and Letus salad #myhubby'sfavourite Ingredients

1 Letus salad.
2 leaf Letus.
3 Fresh tomatoes.
4 Pepper.
5 Kulikuli.
6 Fresh pepper.
7 Onion.
8 Maggi.
9 Pinch salt.
10 Cucumber.
11 Abacha (African salad).
12 Dry abacha.
13 Crayfish.
14 okpei.
15 Onion.
16 Ngu or little potash.
17 Kpomo.
18 Ukpaka.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash the Letus and cut into pieces, Slice cucumber, onion, and fresh tomatoes and put in a bowl, then pound pepper and add to it. Pound the kulikuli very well and add everything together in the bowl, then mix very well, and your Letus salad is ready..
Step 2 Boil water and soak the abacha for 10 mins, rinse it very well to avoid sand then put it in a sieve to drain the water. Pound your pepper,OKPEI and crayfish together, Slice your onion and keep aside. Slice the kpomo and steam with a pinch of salt, Maggi and little water for 10 seconds. Then put pot on the fire, add red oil with NGU or little potash and stir, add the pounded or grinded OKPEI, crayfish, pepper, Ukpaka and the cooked kpomo and stir all together, add the abacha and stir.
Step 3 Light the gas and allow it to be hot for 5 minutes then serve it hot with the Letus salad. IS SO YUMMY..
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