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Traditional African Foods African salad

African Dish African salad

Traditional African Foods: African salad

African salad Ingredients

1 3 cup abacha.
2 1/4 cup crayfish.
3 2 tablespoon palm.
4 1 teaspoon potash (ground).
5 Handful garden egg leaf(sliced).
6 1 cube maggi.
7 2 fresh pepper(sliced).
8 1 onion bulb(sliced).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Get a bowl,add potash and palm oil stir very well add the abacha mix together..
Step 2 Add crayfish stir,add maggi and little salt stir together add garden egg leaf,pepper and onion..
Step 3 Abacha is ready so simply and delicious..
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