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Traditional African Foods Ofe Ugba and eba

African Food Ofe Ugba and eba

African Dish: Ofe Ugba and eba

Ofe Ugba and eba Ingredients

1 2 wraps of Ugba(oil bean seed).
2 Fresh Okro.
3 Palm oil.
4 Salt.
5 cubes Seasoning.
6 Salt.
7 Water.
8 Pepper.
9 Crayfish.
10 Dryfish.
11 Stockfish.
12 Beef.
13 Garri.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and slice okro and onion.
Step 2 Boil your beef adding the stock fish,dryfish seasoning cubes, salt and onion.
Step 3 Add a cooking spoon of palm oil, blended crayfish and pepper and dry fish to the meat. Stir and simmer for 3 mins.
Step 4 Add the sliced okro, stir and add little salt or seasoning cubes to taste then cook for 3mins.
Step 5 In a boiled water scooped into a bowl, make your desired quantity of eba with the garri.
Step 6 Food is ready.
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