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West African Foods Ugba (igbo delicacy)

African Dish Ugba (igbo delicacy)

West African Foods: Ugba (igbo delicacy)

Ugba (igbo delicacy) Ingredients

1 head pomo (cow hide) or cow.
2 dryfish.
3 palm oil.
4 salt.
5 maggi.
6 agpaka (locbean).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Soak your dry fish with salt for 5mins.
Step 2 Cook your pomo or cow head until it's tender..
Step 3 Put your oil in a pan for 1minute, add salt, reduce heat and then add pomo and dry fish.
Step 4 Add your maggi and agpaka to the mix and your local delicious snack is available..
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