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African Food Native plantain

Traditional African Foods Native plantain

West African Foods: Native plantain

Native plantain Ingredients

1 Unripe plantain.
2 Crayfish.
3 Oil bean(ugba).
4 Onion.
5 Red oil.
6 Smoke fish.
7 leaf Utazi.
8 cube Knorr.
9 Red fresh pepper.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Peel,wash unripe and slice unripe plantain.
Step 2 Boil the plantain until is soft then seive the water out.
Step 3 Put the cooked unripe plantain in a bowl and add all the recipes.Note all the recipes should be washed..
Step 4 Stir well and garnish with fresh tomatoes and utazi and enjoy..
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