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West African Foods Ganished Abacha(African salad)

African Cuisine Ganished Abacha(African salad)

African Dish: Ganished Abacha(African salad)

Ganished Abacha(African salad) Ingredients

1 4 cup Abacha.
2 2 medium fresh tomatoes.
3 1 /2cup Akpaka.
4 1 onion bulb medium.
5 1 tablespoon palmoil.
6 1tablespoon crayfish (ground).
7 3 fresh pepper.
8 to taste Salt.
9 2 cube maggi.
10 3 garden egg.
11 1small bunch garden egg leaf.
12 3 pieces boiled kpomo.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash pepper,tomatoes,garden egg,garden leaf,onion.slice pepper,round cut tomatoes,cube garden egg and slice the leaf.cut onion thinly..
Step 2 Put abacha in a bowl add,salt,maggi,crayfish stir.Add palmoil and stir..
Step 3 Abacha is so delicious and easy to prepare..
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