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African Cuisine Banga soup and Starch

African Cuisine Banga soup and Starch

African Food: Banga soup and Starch

Banga soup and Starch Ingredients

1 mudu Palm kernel fruit.
2 beef.
3 Onion.
4 Dry pepper.
5 Knorr.
6 Crayfish.
7 Banga spices.
8 Beletientien.
9 Banga stick(don't know d name).
10 Raw starch.
11 Dry fish.
12 Palm oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash ur palm kernel and place on a pot,add water and boil for about 30-45mins, sieve and set aside.don't throw out d sieved water..
Step 2 In a pot,add ur beef,knorr, salt and onions and cook on its stock for abt 3 mins,then add more water and cook till done..
Step 3 Once ur palm kernel fruits is cool,pour in a mortar and pound properly to remove d shaft..
Step 4 Transfer d content into a bowl and add d sieved water and wash with ur hands..
Step 5 Once u have finished Washing d palm kernel, strain and keep d strained water aside..
Step 6 Add more water to d palm kernel and wash again.also strain and add to d first one u did..
Step 7 Pour ur strained content into a pot,add ur beef stock,knorr,onions,crayfish,banga stick, banga spices and beletientien leaves,cover and simmer for 20mins..
Step 8 Open and add ur beef and dry fish and cook till u get a thick consistency, taste for salt and correct accordingly..
Step 9 Ur banga soup is ready..
Step 10 For ur starch, get raw cooking starch,place in a pot and dissolve with little water,add ur palm oil and place on medium heat and begin to stir continuously till it gets thick..
Step 11 Ur starch and banga soup is ready..
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