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African Dish Ugba (oil bean)

Traditional African Foods Ugba (oil bean)

African Food: Ugba (oil bean)

Ugba (oil bean) Ingredients

1 Ugba (oil bean).
2 Red oil.
3 Potash.
4 Cray fish.
5 Black fish.
6 Cow meat.
7 Kpomo.
8 Maggi.
9 Salt.
10 Yellow pepper.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pound ur potash add water and sieve. Cook ur meat with kpomo and set aside..
Step 2 Pour ur potash water in the pot add ur red oil and stir. Then add ur ugba(oil bean).
Step 3 Blend ur crayfish with ur yellow pepper and add to the mixture.
Step 4 Add ur kpomo and cooked meat with black fish.
Step 5 Add ur maggi and salt stir and put on fire to heat for 3-5.
Step 6 Bring down and serve. Eat with cool drinks.
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