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Traditional African Foods Starch and banga soup

African Dish Starch and banga soup

Traditional African Foods: Starch and banga soup

Starch and banga soup Ingredients

1 Raw starch.
2 Palm kernel 1kg (banga).
3 Banga soup spices.
4 Beaf.
5 River fish preferably.
6 Salt maggi crayfish.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Boil palm kernel till soft pound lightly in the mortar..
Step 2 Pour water and drain the oil.
Step 3 In a seperate pot season and steam meat alittle.
Step 4 Pour the drained palm kernel stock in a pot and put on heat allow to boil for about 10mins add the spices salt and maggi.And allow to cook.
Step 5 Pour the steamed meat taste for salt allow to cook until almost thick then d soup is ready..
Step 6 Dissolve the raw starch in a pot mix with water like pap,add a spoon of salt and cooking spoon of palm oil.put on heat and begin to stir..
Step 7 Continue stirring till it becomes thick then the starch is ready..
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