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Traditional African Foods Vegetable yam (ji akwukwo nri)

Traditional African Foods Vegetable yam (ji akwukwo nri)

West African Foods: Vegetable yam (ji akwukwo nri)

Vegetable yam (ji akwukwo nri) Ingredients

1 1 tuber of yam.
2 3 bunches vegetables (spinach or other substitutes).
3 Palm oil.
4 Fresh red pepper, onions, crayfish.
5 Oil bean (ugba).
6 Seasoning cubes and salt to taste.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel,cut to sizable size,wash yam and boil with a little salt.
Step 2 Pick,wash thoroughly and slice vegetables,blend pepper and crayfish and set aside.
Step 3 While yam is cooking in a different pot, in another clean pot put your already sliced vegetables, blended pepper mix, chopped onion,ugba and seasoning cubes and allow to steam on low heat without water, stirring continuously.
Step 4 When yam is soft and tender,seive and add a reasonable portion of Palm oil,cover and allow the yam soak in the oil.
Step 5 Add the steamed veggies to the yam and mix in well on low heat for 2mins,taste for salt and turn off heat..
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