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African Food Esi-ewu

Traditional African Foods Esi-ewu

African Cuisine: Esi-ewu

Esi-ewu Ingredients

1 1 goat head with the brain (cut in bit size).
2 1/2 milk cup of palm oil.
3 1/2 milk cup of sliced ukpaka.
4 leaf hand full of sliced utazi.
5 small pieces of potash (soaked in water).
6 1 table spoon of ehuru seed(grounded).
7 1 medium size of onion bulb.
8 2 cube maggi.
9 1 table spoon of Cameroon pepper.
10 to taste salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash goat head with salt, put in a clean pot, add chopped onion, maggi, salt to taste, little water, place on heat and allow to boil for 25min with no water remaining..
Step 2 Add the goat brain half way. Then the goat head stock is ready. Bring out the brain and mash it to smooth..
Step 3 Pour oil in a clean pot, add potash, stir with spatular to thick, add ehuru, pepper, mashed goat brain and stir to smooth. Add goat head and stir..
Step 4 Place on heat for 4-5mins and bring it down..
Step 5 Serve it on a plate (best using small mortar), garnish with utazi leaf, ukpaka and round cut onion. Then your esi-ewu is ready.
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