jollofmoimoi and pomo recipe main photo

African Food Jollof,moimoi and pomo

Traditional African Foods Jollof,moimoi and pomo

African Food: Jollof,moimoi and pomo

Jollof,moimoi and pomo Ingredients

1 Moimoi.
2 Rice.
3 Pomo.
4 Onion.
5 Vegetable oil.
6 Salt.
7 Pepper.
8 Sombo.
9 Ginger.
10 cubes Knorr.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cook the pomo in a pressure pot to softens fast..
Step 2 Parboil the rice and wash..
Step 3 Fry onion,sombo,pepper in veg oil add water stir add parboiled rice and knorr cubes,salt and ginger boil untill is done.serve with the pomo and boiled moimoi.
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