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Traditional African Foods Pomo with utazi leaves

African Cuisine Pomo with utazi leaves

Traditional African Foods: Pomo with utazi leaves

Pomo with utazi leaves Ingredients

1 1/2 kg pomo.
2 Salt.
3 Handful utazi leaves.
4 1 teaspoon Dry black pepper.
5 1 big onion.
6 1 stock cube.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash and boil the pomo meat with a pressure pot,enough water and intense heat for 40minutes..
Step 2 Pour back into a normal pot and add onion,dry black,salt pepper and stock cubes boil for 5minutes by then the little water added has dried..
Step 3 Slice onion in big rings.wash and slice the utazi leaves and serve with it..
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