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African Food Watermelon pomogrant lassi

African Dish Watermelon pomogrant lassi

African Dish: Watermelon pomogrant lassi

Watermelon pomogrant lassi Ingredients

1 1 bowl seed less watermelon cubes.
2 1 glass pomegranate juice.
3 1/2 bowl fresh curd.
4 4-5 tsp sugar (as your choice).
5 2 tbsp khoya.
6 2 tbsp fresh grated coconut.
7 2 tsp dry fruits each kaju and kismis.
8 as needed Ice cube.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Take grinder jar put all ingredients except coconut and dry fruits.
Step 2 Now take two glass and pour the lassi mixture.
Step 3 Then garnish on top grated coconut, dry fruits and some ice cubes.
Step 4 Now ready to serve yummy WATERMELON_POMOGRANT_LASSI.
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