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African Dish Carrot Pomogranate Delight

Traditional African Foods Carrot Pomogranate Delight

West African Foods: Carrot Pomogranate Delight

Carrot Pomogranate Delight Ingredients

1 2 carrots.
2 1 cup pomegranate seeds.
3 3 tea spoon arrowroot powder.
4 5 tea spoon sugar.
5 2 tea spoon cashwe almond powder.
6 1/2 tea spoon cinnamon powder.
7 1/4 cup water.
8 2 tea spoon ghee.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash the carrot, remove the peal and chop into small pieces..
Step 2 Take a cup of pomegranate seeds..
Step 3 Add both in mixige jar and grain smoothly by adding 4-5 teaspoon of water..
Step 4 Take arrowroot powder,add 4 teaspoon of water and make a paste..
Step 5 Pour the grained carrot- pomegranate mix on heated pan and add cinnamon powder..
Step 6 Stir well 4 minutes and add arrowroot paste for thickness, stir continuously in medium flame..
Step 7 Now add cashwe-almond powder..
Step 8 Now add sugar, mix well and stir until the liquid is absorbed in high flame..
Step 9 Now add ghee and stir well 2 minutes in low flame..
Step 10 Now pour that into a designed moulds or on plates. Let it be cool or store in fridge atleast 1 hour. Serve in chill by garnishing few pomogranate seeds..
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