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African Food Smoked Panla Fish and Pomo sauce

West African Foods Smoked Panla Fish and Pomo sauce

African Dish: Smoked Panla Fish and Pomo sauce

Smoked Panla Fish and Pomo sauce Ingredients

1 the freshest tomates.
2 Fresh pepper.
3 Fresh red chilli pepper.
4 I big onion.
5 garlic.
6 Hand sliced carrot.
7 sliced cabbage.
8 brown colours pomo well seasoned and cut in small sizes.
9 medium smoked panla fish.
10 stock cube.
11 Curry masala.
12 Salt.
13 vegetable oil.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Blend all the fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic till smooth. Pour in a sauce pan, boil till tgd water evaporates and your have reddish tomatoes paste..
Step 2 In another space pan, add oil, allow to heat up, add sliced onions, garlic, stir, pour in the tomatoes. Stir well..
Step 3 Add the smoked fish and already seasoned pomo to cook, add water,,,slow to simmers, adxbuour curry masala, salt, and stock cube…leave for awhile on moderate heat….
Step 4 Add the fresh vegetable, givdvtgd sauce panna little shake, taste for salt and remove for heat….
Step 5 I had mine with some native yam but honestly it was just so yum..
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