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Traditional African Foods Banga Stew with White Rice and Plantain

African Dish Banga Stew with White Rice and Plantain

African Dish: Banga Stew with White Rice and Plantain

Banga Stew with White Rice and Plantain Ingredients

1 palm nuts fruit.
2 Crayfish.
3 Onions.
4 Dry/Stock fish.
5 fresh Pepper.
6 shaki and kpomo.
7 Diced Scent.
8 knorr cube.
9 Fried Plantain.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Per boil the palm nuts till a bit soft Pound in a mortar and wash with hot water Sieve the palm nuts and extracted oil into a pot Boil the extracted oil for fifteen to twenty minutes.
Step 2 Blend crayfish, onions and peppers. Pour plended mix into boiling broth and cook for a few minutes.
Step 3 Add beef once it's tender add the dry fish then add salt and knorr to taste.
Step 4 Cut scent leaves and add to soup. Leave for three minutes Ofe akwu is ready.
Step 5 Serve with boiled rice and fried plantain.
Step 6 Rinse the rice, pour it into the pot of water and add salt.
Step 7 Turn off cooker when rice is done.
Step 8 For the plantain: Heat a a frying pan filled with vegetable oil.
Step 9 Peel and slice the plantain in a bowl and add salt to it..
Step 10 Pour the plantain on the heated vegetable oil to fry..
Step 11 Turn off cooker when it’s done..
Step 12 Serve with stew!.
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