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African Cuisine Banga Soup

African Dish Banga Soup

Traditional African Foods: Banga Soup

Banga Soup Ingredients

1 Raw banga.
2 Beef.
3 Fresh cat fish.
4 Dry fish.
5 Dry pepper.
6 Banga spices.
7 Crayfish.
8 Knor.
9 Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Boil your banga and extract the juice, boil your beef and set aside Wash your fresh fish with hot water to remove it's slimy substance, then season fresh fish, I usually do that like two hours before cooking it and place it the freezer to enable it absorb the spices.
Step 2 Pour banga juice into cooking pot and boil for some time, Add meat and meat stock and allow to boil further then add spices and dry pepper.
Step 3 At this stage it must have thickened a bit, reduce your heat, so that the soup won't dry up; add crayfish, be careful with crayfish so that it doesn't overpower the thirst of fresh fish, so I used little quantity..
Step 4 Add your fresh fish and fish stock Note: I boiled my fish before adding it to the soup cos I wanted the fish stock as well; Taste and adjust your seasoning. If it has thickened to your desired consistency put off your heat..
Step 5 Your banga soup is ready, serve with eba..
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