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Traditional African Foods Awara kebab(Tofu)

African Dish Awara kebab(Tofu)

Traditional African Foods: Awara kebab(Tofu)

Awara kebab(Tofu) Ingredients

1 Awara.
2 Flour.
3 spices and seasonings.
4 Onions.
5 eggs.
6 Oil for frying.
7 Tomatoes.
8 Skewers.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Start by crushing your awara then you put your flour add your grated onions and put 2 eggs then mix all together.
Step 2 In a seperate bowl put your flour add some spices and seasonings and break the reamaing two eggs in another bowl add maggi to taste.
Step 3 Start moulding it and deep into your flour then put inside the eggs and fry in oil.
Step 4 After frying bring your skewers and start arranging them and put your onions and tomatoes.
Step 5 Enjoy.
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