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African Cuisine Pizza Awara

African Cuisine Pizza Awara

African Food: Pizza Awara

Pizza Awara Ingredients

1 Soya beans.
2 Palmoil.
3 Maggi.
4 Eggs.
5 Mashed ginger n garlic.
6 Sour water(from akamu).
7 Carrot.
8 Grated scotchbonnet.
9 Fee'ah curry.
10 Black pepper.
11 Sliced onions.
12 Scallions.
13 Cube maggi.
14 Veg oil.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash ur soya beans n grind…when its well grinded,add little palm oil to it to avoid foaming then using sieving material, sieve n pour d water to a pot n bring to a boil. Add ur sour water as required till ur awara begins to clot(solidify) together(d solidified is d awara).
Step 2 Using a sieving material sieve water out out of d awara,add ur sliced onions n grated pepper n squeeze well…u can as well place a heavy object on it so dat all d water contained in d awara can strain off..
Step 3 At dis stage u cut ur awara to desired shape n keep. Get a bowl,add maggi n salt wv water n put d cut awara in it so dat d maggi can penetrate into d awara..
Step 4 When its well penetrated,cut into thinly cuts n fry in a hot oil half way. Keep aside..
Step 5 In a pan(different),stir fry all d awara wv curry,black pepper,maggi cube,grated pepper,half of d cut scallions,carrots,mashed ginger n garlic,grinded crayfish n 2 tbsp of water till it is well combined..
Step 6 Lowered d heat to low,break d eggs,add chilly,maggi,curry,compete mix spice n whisk. Pour over d awara wv veggies…put veg oil around d edges n cover wv a lid and allow to cook for minutes..
Step 7 Be careful not to break d awara pizza wen flipping or Turning. I used a plate to cover d pan n den turn it on it, I gently slide d pizza awara back to the pan to cook d oda side, for anoda few minutes add chopped cabbage n serve as a main dish….Enjoy.
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