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Traditional African Foods Garnished Awara

African Food Garnished Awara

Traditional African Foods: Garnished Awara

Garnished Awara Ingredients

1 Soya beans 1 mudu.
2 5 pieces Lemon.
3 Pepper/onion grated.
4 Veg oil.
5 Cabbage.
6 Spring onions.
7 8 Maggi.
8 to taste Salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash, soak soya beans for 5hrs and grind, sieve and put the milk on fire. Allow to boil whilst stiring occasionally to avoid spilling, when it start boiling squeeze your lemon juice and put inside, you'll notice it coagulating and having a cheese-like appearance and the water looking clear yellow. Scoup into a cheese clothe and put your grated pepper, onions,maggi and salt and stir. Tie the clothe and place a heavy stone, this is to make the water drain..
Step 2 When the water is completely drained, remove from cheese clothe and slice into desired shapes👇.
Step 3 Heat up oil and fry awara and keep aside..
Step 4 Slice cabbage and spring onion and steam fry, stiring contantly.
Step 5 Serve awara and your steam fried veggies. Enjoy😋😋.
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