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African Dish Peppered Tofu(Awara)

African Food Peppered Tofu(Awara)

African Cuisine: Peppered Tofu(Awara)

Peppered Tofu(Awara) Ingredients

1 Tofu(soya beans).
2 Oil.
3 Scotch bonnet.
4 Onions.
5 Salt.
6 Maggi.
7 bit of dried ginger.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Cut your tofu in to your designed shape and sprinkle salt to it a bit.
Step 2 Add up oil to your pan and Fry your tofu….
Step 3 Grind your scotch bonnet and onion. Add it up to your pot… Pour some oil to fry it a bit… A pinch of salt should be added and your dried ginger….
Step 4 Pour in your tofu and add a bit of water to it… You could eat it with a chilled drink.
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