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African Dish Awara/beske

African Dish Awara/beske

Traditional African Foods: Awara/beske

Awara/beske Ingredients

1 Soya beans.
2 water.
3 Alum.
4 Sieve (especially the cloth type used for pap).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Soak soya beans overnight, then blend with 3 litres of water.
Step 2 Separate the mixture with the sieve keeping the soya milk in one place and the shaft in another. At this point the shaft can be discarded or dried for later use.
Step 3 Pour the milk inside a big pot as the milk tends to boil over and put it on fire, boil for 45mins or more.
Step 4 Dissolve the alum in the remaining 1ltr of water, pour it inside the boiling milk and Let it continue to boil for some mins more. During this process you will see the milk already cuddling.
Step 5 Remove milk container from the fire and let it cool..
Step 6 Sieve the cuddled milk from the water after cooling and press down with heavy thing (I used our mortal 🙂 ) to drain away all the water present.
Step 7 After that cut the awara into pieces and fry in little oil until brown and crispy outside.
Step 8 Serve hot with yaaji or any sauce of your choice.
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