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Traditional African Foods Banga Soup Foundation

Traditional African Foods Banga Soup Foundation

West African Foods: Banga Soup Foundation

Banga Soup Foundation Ingredients

1 Cat Fish.
2 bulb Onions.
3 Crayfish blended.
4 fresh Pepper diced.
5 Ogiri Okpei (Iru).
6 stock cube maggi.
7 Salt.
8 Scent Leaves for Ofe Akwu or Banga spice Banga Soup (Optional).

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Extract the palm fruit juice from the palm fruits using warm water, set pot of extracted palm fruit on fire and start cooking at high heat. Leave to boil till you notice red oil at the surface of the palm fruit juice, cook till the extracted juice is thick enough.
Step 2 Add diced onion, crayfish, ogiri okpei, stock cube, salt and pepper stir and add your catfish and cover the pot; cook for about 8mins.
Step 3 This is where you decide if you want to make banga soup or ofe akwu. scent leaf for ofe akwu and banga spice for banga soup..
Step 4 Enjoy your choice with either white rice or eba..
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