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West African Foods Awara(Golden Tofu)

African Cuisine Awara(Golden Tofu)

West African Foods: Awara(Golden Tofu)

Awara(Golden Tofu) Ingredients

1 soy sauce.
2 Eggs.
3 lemon.
4 tspn salt.
5 Seasoning.
6 Water as required.
7 Oil for frying.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak the dry soy beans overnight.
Step 2 Rinsed the soaked beans and discard any discolored if you spot any..
Step 3 Blend a little at a time with enough of water..
Step 4 Add the processed beans to your pot with enough water. Stir frequently and simmer for 30 minutes,this will foam up a lil so be careful not to let it boil over..
Step 5 Strain into a second pot and heat the soy milk, add the lemon juice..
Step 6 Remove from heat and gently stir together, in about 6-10 minutes the curds will separate..
Step 7 Add to mold, ur colander with a mesh bag make mold. skim out curds and pour into mold, press with a heavy object, and leave for 30minutes..
Step 8 Cut it into pieces, season it with salt. Break some eggs, beat and soak tofu, fry it until golden brown..
Step 9 Serve with garlic sauce..
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