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African Food Peppered Tofu(Awara)

Traditional African Foods Peppered Tofu(Awara)

African Dish: Peppered Tofu(Awara)

Peppered Tofu(Awara) Ingredients

1 Tofu.
2 Processed Tofu(awara).
3 Salt.
4 Oil for frying.
5 For the sauce.
6 tomato paste.
7 Red Bells.
8 Green Bell.
9 small cabbage.
10 maggi cubes.
11 Salt according.
12 Curry.
13 Mix spices powder.
14 Oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Here is my processed Tofu..
Step 2 I cut in to cubes and rub salt all over..
Step 3 And fry in hot oil,then set a side..
Step 4 I washed and chopped my veggies..
Step 5 I made a sauce by using tomato paste,oil,salt,maggi,spices and my veggies,i stir fry..
Step 6 I mixed the fried tofu together with the sauce i made..
Step 7 Hmmm…..
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